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Glam - Ultimate Genre Guide

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So here it is…your ultimate guide to glam rock.

As you will discover when you read this stomping new publication, there were many ways to be glam. Conceptual, like Roxy or Bowie. Flashy, and made for colour television, like Slade. Theatrical, like Alice Cooper or chaotic like the New York Dolls. For our cover star Marc Bolan it was the fulfilment of childhood dreams of stardom – and fuel for the dreams of others.

From the makers of UNCUT and the ULTIMATE MUSIC GUIDE comes this new series: THE ULTIMATE GENRE GUIDE. In this first edition, dedicated to glam rock, you will find in-depth new reviews of the work of leading artists in the field, from David Bowie and T Rex, to Elton John, Queen and Wizzard, Sparks and Cockney Rebel. You will also delight in outrageous features about them from the archives of NME and Melody Maker.

There are also thoughts on glam film, glam art and glam’s legacy. You’ll read how our artists made, and were remade, by glam rock.

So catch a bright star and place it on your forehead…and there you go.