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501 Lost Songs

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Some people might say, 'Oh, well if they're so good, they wouldn't be lost.' Nonsense.

A great song can fall through the cracks for any number of reasons: maybe the guy or gal who wrote it was in a purple patch with more good tunes than they could find space for; maybe they were under pressure to full up that fourth track on a CD single and inadvertently came up with something far greater than much a of their own stuff. Maybe the song was just in the wrong time, and the fashions of the time meant it went largely ignored.

Whatever the reason: this magazine is about uncovering these treasures. There are lost songs by people you will have heard of and lost songs within worlds you will have visited (punk, electronica and loads more) but also dozens and dozens of amazing songs by bands you've never heard of. And the great thing is that these days you can hear them straight away: all these songs are in the darkest corners of YouTube,, Hype Machine or just good old Google.